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Tacx T2800 Neo Smart Hometrainer

Tacx T2800 Neo Smart Hometrainer

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Casette bodyen på NEO er en universal body fra EDCO, og i forbindelse med Campagnolo 10 speed, er det kun Centaur og Record casetter der passer. Se dem under tilbehør til trænere.

NEO Smart ant-bt-logo_35x80px

The NEO Smart is the most powerful and silent indoor trainer to date. It is the only real direct drive as it does not contain any physical transmission like a roller or belt. The NEO is also the only indoor trainer that can simulate different types of road surfaces.


Most silent, accurate and realistic trainer to date

The NEO’s innovative working principle has been the key to mastering the contradiction of being able to create a very powerful yet silent trainer. To optimize power efficiency from pedal to motor we eliminated all physical transitions, no belt, roller or wheel.


Downhill drive

This feature enables the simulation of a descent and the dead centre in your pedal stroke. When you are going down a mountain in a Tacx Film, virtual world or GPS based training, the wheel keeps spinning. Just like when you’re riding outdoors.


Endless power without complications

The NEO’s revolutionary set up offers high power levels at low speeds, enabling accurate hill climb simulations, without complications of calibrations and maintenance.


Highly intelligent mind

This brute force is harnessed by a highly intelligent mind. True road feel for any person and all slope magnitudes are achieved by the variable inertia control, the NEO predicts your movement 1000x per second and adjusts the resistance accordingly.


Exceptional accuracy

The NEO derives its strength from an electromotor containing 32, precisely positioned magnets that rotate around 30 coils. This exceptional accuracy ensures minimal power loss – almost close to nothing – when training.


Plug in/Plug out technology

Train anywhere. This unique featureenables the NEO to be used with or without mains power.


Perfect bike posture

The NEO comes with a support that raises the front wheel for a natural cycling position and increased stability. Rubber stoppers prevent the front wheel from turning.



Big stable footprint.
Maximize stability.





Cleverly foldable

After folding up the NEO the wings serve as a handle, increasing the trainer’s ease of use.


Rocking it

A little bit of flex is built into the NEO’s frame in order to provide a more realistic cycling feeling.


Intuitive power indicator

A LED glow provides feedback on how much power you’re pedalling with. When pushing more watts, the light will turn more red.

Compatible software

Tacx Smart trainers use the Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C protocol for communication which allows them to be controlled by third-party software. The software receives the speed, cadence and power from the trainer and controls the brake. Click on more information for an explanation of the compatibility and functions of each software package.

Tacx.pngzwift-logotrainerroadKinomap trainer
The SufferfestCycleopsbkool

Train in Isokinetic or Isotonic mode

Training for an even pedal stroke is difficult. The same goes for building power in your stroke by training at a high wattage and low cadence. This is why we have developed the Isotonic and Isokinetic training modes for the NEO trainer in the Tacx Utility app. We’ll explane how it works.


Road surface simulation

Experience the feeling of riding on cobblestones, gravel and off road, all while you are indoors. You feel the vibrations of the road surface in your legs, exactly the way it would feel outdoors. This entirely new feature is unique to the NEO and can be used with some Tacx Films, virtual worlds and Zwift.


Firmware upgrades

With the Tacx Utility app you can always benefit from the latest firmware for the Tacx trainer and check the connection with other devices. When an update is available, you receive a notification and you can decide whether you want to update your trainer.

Features & specifications

Magnets32 Neodymium magnets
Type of trainerInteractive Smart direct drive with motor brake
Electrical requirements110-240 Volt Mains power optional
Power indicatorMulticolour LED Spot on floor
Connection indicator (ANT/BT)2 LEDs
Firmware upgradableYes
Supplied withFront wheel support Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm)
Suitable cassettesVarious Shimano, SRAM & Campagnolo cassettes
Fitting BikesWill my bike fit?
Max. power (40 km/h)2200 Watt
Max. slope25%
Simulation of descentYes
Max. torque85Nm
Max. brake force250N
Flywheel effectVariable to 125kg (275.6lbs)
CalibrationNo calibration required
Footprint (lxw)575×750mm (22.6×29.5in)
Height550mm (21.7in)
Dimensions when folded620×260×440mm (24.4×10.2×17.3in)
Weight21.5kg (47.3lbs)
Article numberT2800
Wireless communicationANT+ FE-C Bluetooth Smart open
Control bySmartphone, tablet, ANT+ FE-C bike computers and stand-alone Connect to computer via ANT+ antenna
OutputSpeed, cadence and power
Read out onSmartphone, tablet, bike computer, sports watch, computer with ANT+ antenna

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